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A 18-022 L

FEP geïsoleerde kabel - 0,22mm²

A 18-022 L is a FEP insulated wire that has a very good chemical resistance against fats, oils, salts, and acids. It is obtainable as compensating and extension cable.

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DIN IEC 584     DIN 43710 /43714
for thermocoupleEMF at 100°C
in mV
cable type for thermocoupleEMF at 100°C
in mV
cable type
Type T4,28TX Type L5,37LX
Type J5,27JX Type K4,10KCA
Type K4,10KCA Type R/S0,65R/SCB
Type K4,10KCB Type U4,25UX
Type K4,10KX *Type B0,00BC-100
Type E6,32EX *Type B0,033BC-200
Type R/S0,65R/SCB    
Type N2,77NC    


Type:A 18-022 L
Conductor cross section:0,22 mm²
Outer diameter:approx. 2,5 mm
Weight/100 mapprox. 1,0 kg