• building interpersonal bridges is the basis of our work.
    building interpersonal bridges
    is the basis of our work.

Ethical code SAB en KANSA

This ethical code defines the general demands of SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co. KG and
KANSA Kabeltechnik GmbH as well as the demands on their suppliers. We are conscious of our responsibility towards humans and environment as an important employer of the region and as a worldwide operating company. We have defined our principles of action as follows that shall be equally a guideline for our suppliers.

Social Responsibility
SAB Bröckskes respects and supports the internationally approved human rights. This includes that we do not enter into business relations with companies which do not accept and respect these rights. We reject forced and child labour. Therefore, we do not maintain business relations with companies which avail themselves of such kind of suppression. Any kind of discrimination due to gender, origin, race, handicap, religion, age, or sexual addiction is not tolerated by us.

Abidance by the Law
Every staff member of SAB Bröckskes has to observe any laws, prescriptions as well as internal instructions that are in force for his environment.

Responsible Acting
Responsible action is not only based on laws and prescriptions but also on conscientiousness of the individual and the rules which are defined in our guidelines.

Culture of Staff Members
We at SAB Bröckskes think that our staff members are the most important factor for the success of our company. We can only achieve our ultimate and common aim by contributing the social and professional competence as well as the creativity and energy of our complete staff. This means customer satisfaction and the long-term preservation of our working places.
As a consequence the motivation of our staff members is the defined company's philosophy. Of course we adhere to the legal minimum wage.

Treatment of our Customers and Suppliers
The relations to our customers and suppliers are based on mutual respect, fairness, and confidence. We strive for long-term business relations and thus, take care of a fair and open communication and expect the same also from our business partners. We follow honest and approved business practises as well as a fair competition.

It is our aim to convince our customers with first class quality. Therefore, highest quality standards are our guideline on all levels. For this purpose, we introduced the quality management system acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1996. This enables us to find measurable parameters to identify any potential for improvement, to derive measures, and to control their efficiency.

Occupational Safety and Health
We observe the legal occupational safety and health prescriptions and protect our staff members against any hazards at their working places. In order to implement these requirements of labour protection systematically, we have introduced an occupational health and safety management system acc. to OHSAS 18001 since 2009. We expect also from our suppliers that they fulfil the respective occupational safety and health prescriptions.

Environmental Protection
We fulfil the guidelines and standards of environmental protection and thus, contribute actively to the maintenance of our environment. Since 2006, we have introduced a certified environmental protection system acc. to DIN EN ISO 14001. In this way, we follow our self imposed duty to preserve the natural resources for us and the succeeding generation.

Energy Management
We handle our resources carefully and try to improve our processes to that effect continuously. Since 2011, we introduced a certified energy management system acc. to DIN EN ISO 50001.

Bribery and Corruption
We do not accept any illegal beneficial treatment by corruption or bribery. We accept business benefits only in a way that they correspond to usual practises and only if they do not influence any commercial decisions.

Handling of Information and Data
Company secrets and information of our partners are treated sensitively and confidentially.

The Management


Ethic code of the companies SAB Bröckskes and KANSA Kabeltechnik GmbH

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